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Blogging: Learning how to take others on journey with you and not leave them behind as you travel…

Imagine desiring to get through the Sahara Desert and trying to get to a certain location on the other side of it. In light of that desire, the natural response would be to go find someone who knew the terrain and could help you traverse the area/navigate where you’re at so you could get to … Continue reading


Perception is interesting to process… Perception is interesting to process…for often the social media images we place forward can greatly impact the people whom we may claim we wish to reach out to – be it for good or for bad. In example, I was doing research recently on the issue of how social programs … Continue reading

Story-Telling: Seeing Cultural History and how Exaggeration, Hyberbole and Struggle Help Tales be worth telling…

When it comes to story – telling, the variations of how it takes place are endless – but one thing that is constant is that some stories seem to stick more than others. In example, if asking who Spider-Man is or who Superman is in addition to a host of other comic book heros, it … Continue reading

The Choice Chosen For You: Trafficking & Seeing How Personal Choice May not always be Personal

Choices are a very interesting concept – for many times, people have wrestled over the concept of choice and whether or not our choices are really independently made – or simply made as a result of previous choices made for us. And this is especially the case when it comes to choices we deem to … Continue reading

Isolated Travels: Examining the Amazing Ways Others Handle themselves in Difficulty…

Came across an amazing story recently that really had me processing on the dynamic of what happens when isolation drives your travels. For 40 Years, This Russian Family Was Cut Off From All Human Contact, Unaware of World War II | History & Archaeology | Smithsonian Magazine True disconnection from the world. As said best … Continue reading

Kosher Pirates: Hebrews on the High Seas & Challenging Pop-Culture/Hollywood Narratives on the Issue

Shalom   One of my favorite series to watch is known as “Pirates of the Caribbean“—as the ideology of a pirate’s life has always been captivating and I enjoyed the story lines. Sailors & their tales have always had a sense of adventure, from those stories involving what’s seen in the films with Jack Sparrow … Continue reading

Django Unchained: What Wouldv’e Happened if we Had the Confederate States of America?

It was a blessing of late being able to do some more study of history and seeing the ways that the development of the U.S took place. Specifically, I’ve been fascinated learning on the issue of Secession’s impact. It’s a concept that has been present since the foundation of the history of our nation. The … Continue reading